Training Courses

REIKI 1 Training in Usui System of Natural Healing

Reiki 1 ( also known as 1st Degree), is an introduction to Reiki. Included in the course are 4 Attunements to the Energy, the History of Reiki, a study of the human energy fields and the Chakra system. Students receive a handbook and a certificate once the course is completed. During the course students give and receive a full Reiki treatment. Reiki 1 is taught over two consecutive days. The course is taught in a relaxed style with plenty of time for questions.

COST £100

REIKI 2 (also known as 2nd Degree) Training in Usui System of Natural Healing

This is an advanced course that introduces students to the sacred symbols of Reiki energy. Included in this course are two attunements which increases the vibrational flow of energy allowing the practitioner to send distance healing and love and light to those in need. A full Reiki treatment will be given and received during this course.

Once qualified at Reiki 2 Level, practitioners may become insured and practice Reiki professionally. Reiki 2 can be taken at least 3 months after Reiki 1.

Students receive a handbook and certificate once the 2 day course is completed.

COST £225